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Summer Assignment    
Assignment 1 - Computer Components    
1st Qtr Bonus Problem: Convert between Binary, Hex and Decimal Using Big Integer    
Assignment 2 - Swing Ops Calculator    
Homework Find Pythagorean Triples    
Assignment 3 - Stairway to Heaven    
Assignment 4 - Tidbit Computer Store    
Homework - Spread out the *'s    
Assignment 5 - Double and IntVerifier Tester  
1st Qtr Bonus Problem: PNZ Game    
Bonus Hotel System (any qtr) Use Cases  
Test Plan    
Assignment 6 - Group Presentations    
Assignment 7 - Object Oriented Practice    
Homework Array Copying Skeleton  
Watch Video Employee    
Watch Video Car    
Watch Video Student    
Skeleton (truncate avg score)    
Bonus Risk Game  
Bonus BattleShip AI  
Assignment 8 - Additional Class Features HowToTurnIn  
Watch Enhanced Car    
Watch Enhanced Employee    
Watch Enhanced Student    
Example Cover Page Assignment 8    
Assignment 9 - String Practice Skeleton  
2ndQtrBonus BlackJack BlackJackSkeleton  
Homework - Roach Population    
Assignment 10 - 2D Array Project    
-->Video of How to Make Array of JButtons    
-->Video of How to Make Array of JButtons p2    
-->Video of Columnar Encryption    
-->Video of Movie Project Part 1    
-->Video of Movie Project Part 2    
Homework - Paint BullsEye and Scalable House    
How to turn in crud    
Bonus 3rd Qtr Yahtzee    
Assignment 11 - List Manager (CRUD)    
Homework - Inheritance Hierarchy Powerpoint on Using Inheritance Hierarchies  
Assignment 12 - Polymorphism


Regular Pentagon Coordinates
Homework - Inheritance Part 1 Part 2
BlueJayAccountProject PowerpointExamples
Inheritance Hierarchy Poster
Assignment 13 - Why Software is So Bad    
Assignment 14 - Stacks    
Homework - Coffee Trader Example  
Homework - ENIAC    
Assignment 15 - Recursion AreaFillSkeletionV2 Spirals and Fibonacci  
Assignment 16 - Response to Intel Pentium Bug Page 83
Page 84
Assignment 17 - Searching and Sorting Skeleton  
Assignment 18 - Hangman HangmanProcessorV2  
Good Links For Exam Review Thanks to D Kuhne


Connect 4 Final Description ZipFile  
Connect 4 Test Files    
Connect 4 Final Exam Description    
sample 1 p1 wins vert start 0 6.txt    
sample 2 p2 wins diag lower part start 2 5 fixed.txt    
sample 3 tie with bad data overflow col num 2.txt   `
Jerry Jared Adventure Zip File    
arduino powerpoint    
arduino activity    
Link To Final Project Evaluation    
Andy Park ham and egg in seaweed lunch