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Unit 1:Comp Systems, Numeric String Rep, Number Systems  

APCS Blank Notesheet Review Topics

APCS FILLED OUT Notesheet Review Topics


APCS Blank Notesheet Class Imports

APCS FILLED OUT Notesheet Class Imports


APCS Blank Notesheet Assigning Bases

APCS FILLED OUT Notesheet Assigning Bases


APCS Blank Notesheet Floating Point Round Off Error

APCS FILLED OUT Notesheet Floating Point Round Off Erro


APCS Blank Notesheet DeMorgan's Law

APCS FILLED OUT Notesheet DeMorgan's Law

Unit 2:Math Ops, System Design  

APCS Blank Notesheet Math.random

APCS FILLED OUT Notesheet Math.random

Unit 3:Primitives, References, Objects

APCS Blank Powerpoint Primitives, Objects, References

APCS Powerpoint SOLVED Primitives, Objects, References

Unit 4: Object Oriented Programming    
  Notesheet OO Programming Blank  
  Notesheet OO Programming FILLED OUT  
  OO Programming Advanced Features Blank  
  OO Programming Advanced Features FILLED OUT  
  Notesheet Interfaces Blank  
  Notesheet Intefaces FILLED OUT  
Unit 5: Strings & Short Circuit Evaluation    
  Notesheet Strings Blank  
  Notesheet Strings FILLED OUT  
  Notesheet Short Circuit Evaluation Blank  
  Notesheet Short Circuit Evaluation FILLED OUT  
Unit 6: Arrays & ArrayLists    
  NoteSheet Arrays V1 Blank  
  NoteSheet Arrays V1 FILLED OUT  
  Notesheet ArrayLists V2 Blank  
  Notesheet ArrayLists V2 FILLED OUT  
Unit 7: File Input Output    
  Notesheet Files and Streams Blank  
  Notesheet Files and Streams FILLED OUT  
Unit 8:Inheritance Polymorphism Graphics

APCS Blank Notesheet Inheritance

APCS FILLED OUT Notesheet Inheritance

APCS Blank Notesheet Polymorphism

APCS FILLED OUT Notesheet Polymorphism

Powerpoint on Using Inheritance Hierarchies

Unit 9:Recursion

APCS Blank Notesheet Recursion

APCS FILLED OUT Notesheet Inheritance

Link to Youtube Video on Fibonacci  
Unit 10:Stacks    
Unit 11:Ethical Issues Computer History    
Unit 12:Searching and Sorting    
Unit 13:Review for APCS Exam